Colposcope Scaner МК-200

Application area Gynecology

Recommended price 10 700 €
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Application area



High reliability, ergonomic design, convenience and ease of maintenance, many degrees of freedom. The ergonomic, modern.


Optical system

Apochromatic optics with multi-layer and anti-reflective coating. All lenses and prisms made with high-quality glass manufactured by Schott (Germany). Wide-angle eyepieces 12,5H with increased removal of the exit pupil.

Light source

Powerful super-bright LED (LED) with a spectrum close to daylight and high level of illumination. Low heat dissipation, really safety and reliability, witch mproves contrast and clarity of small details. A five-lens condenser forms spot of light with an illumination more than 60,000 lux. Automatical switching off of the light when the optical head is moved to the non-working area.


Convergent optical design for excellent stereoscopic imaging. Can be equipped with a tripod with ceiling or wall mounts

Shelf under the laptop

Colposcope may further be equipped with a shelf for notebook.

Light filter

Orange, prevents premature photopolymerization. Easily introduced and removed from the field of view to increase the contrast of blood vessels

Video registration and video broadcasting

nstead of a standard video system, the microscope can be equipped with optical adapters for connecting cameras and phones.

Unique software

A modern, simple, intuitive interface with a large set of tools for standard work.


Working distance
3,3; 5,3; 8,5; 13,6; 22
View area, mm
66, 42, 26, 16, 10
Diopter motion of eyepieces
+5 -5
Regulation range of interpupillary distance
The diameter of the illuminated field of view
Maximum illumination of work area
60 000lux
Single-phase AC power supply frequency 50 Hz, V
90 — 250
Power consumed, by colposcope
17 V·А
Weight of colposcope
Guideline Colposcope MK-200
PDF, 2.5MB
Certificate ISO