Only high-quality materials and components manufactured in Europe. Only a holistic and thoughtful production process.


The manufacture of devices using digital technology and indispensable manual labor.


Being experts in our field, we know what modern medicine professionals need.


We develop all products ourselves, constantly introducing innovative ideas.


We are interested in the growth of the efficiency of Clients with the equipment "Scaner".

The way of success
In the begining
The "ElLipse" cooperative consisting of 5 engineers who were engaged in development and production of optical-mechanical devices submitted documents for registration of "Scaner" small enterprise.
First ukrainian colposcope МК-100
According to the hint of the academician V.N. Zaporozhan, "Scaner" Ltd. developed and released the first Ukrainian кольпоскоп MK-100 with a photosystem on the basis of the FED camera.
The second generation colposcope МК-110
The 2nd generation of colposcope MK-110 with a spring and balanced parallelogram completely finished.
The third generation colposcope МК-200
By financing of the "Development of the Medical Industry of Ukraine" program, it was finished and put in mass production the third generation colposcope MK-200.
The first video system ever
The "Scaner" Ltd. developed and introduced in work the first-ever digital video system for colposcope with survey documenting.
The software for the video system of a colposcope
The "Scaner" Ltd. developed the first ever software for the video system of a colposcope, which allowed to create archive of the shots and diagnostics of patients by a technique the prof. E.V. Kokhanevich and also on the Roman classification.
4th generation MK-200. LED lighting
In the equipment of the "Scaner" company, global manufacturer of the medical equipment, was integrated first LED lighting system.
Headband Surgical Loupe
The budget monocular colposcope MK-400 was developed and put into mass production. By order of the famous neurosurgeon, prof. Polishchuk N.E., a forehead surgical loupe with an autonomous illuminator was developed and launched into serial production.
Modern research and production center launch
The reconstruction was completed and a modern research and production center consisting of 3 buildings was launch. Due to this, the entire production process - from development to packaging - takes place in a closed production cycle.
Sample of a surgical microscope MDM-100
A prototype of the MDM-100 surgical microscope has been designed and manufactured. SRC "Scaner" became the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest of product quality "100 best goods of Ukraine" in the nomination "Goods for industrial purposes".
5th generation colposcope MK-200
5th generation colposcope MK-200 was completely finished.
Microscope MD-500 "CALIPSO"
A surgical microscope MD-500 “CALIPSO” for dentists, neurosurgeons and otorhinolaryngologists has been developed and mastered in production.
Microscope MD-500 "CALIPSO"
Microscope "CALIPSO" became the winner of the state-wide All-Ukrainian quality contest "100 best goods of Ukraine".